Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ Videos

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – 30 Second TV spot by VJ Tim Abad – Music by Lucky Button Pusher!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “Color Contraption” by Lucky Button Pusher!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “How to do it! 8-Bit Worker” by Lucky Button Pusher!


Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ – Official Video! “Live Demonstration at LA County Science Fair Mini Maker Faire”


“Mario Airlines” by Dubmood as covered by Jonocade


Starlight by KLR

KLR has a whole album of songs done with Rhythm Core Alpha 2! Great stuff! YouTube channel is here (may also include non Rhythm Core Alpha works… I don’t control their channel…)
“Backup” by Sonari


Beat 9 RMXD by Sonari


“The Flute Chill Symphony” by Sonari


“So Wrong” by Timon Marmex.


Rhythm Core Alpha™ (original version) Videos

Rhythm Core Alpha™ - Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia version demo:


The official Rhythm Core Alpha™ demo! Finally, you can see Rhythm Core Alpha™ in action. This video will show you HOW TO DO IT!


 Tin Foil Robot by Lucky Button Pusher (using the European version of Rhythm Core Alpha)


Rhythm Core Alpha™ User-created Video from Europe: Square Head


Greetings to Japan by Lucky Button Pusher


Lo-fi Johnny by Lucky Button Pusher

Live videos

Timon Marmex at 23b Shop’s “Sparkle Con” with visuals by VJ Tim Abad


Timon Marmex does a couple of songs at 8BitSF! Thanks to La Vie en Photos for the video!



Here are some of the videos of Timon Marmex playing Rhythm Core Alpha 2 at the Namco / Bandai / Shiftylook stage at San Diego Comic-Con!






Timon Marmex at All Different Colors, August 31st, 2012 with the preview of Rhythm Core Alpha 2™.


“3 of 5″ performs at Free Comic Book Day in Saint Louis:


“3 of 5″ Covers Bowie


Interview with “The Nerdery” at Loscon 2011


A live demo at Pasadena Rock ‘n Comic Con:


Our first improvised live performance at Kulak’s Woodshed:
(It seems kind of embarrassing now, but it was the first time it had been played in public, anywhere. There wasn’t even a save feature yet! Everything is improvised!)

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