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Need proofreading help for Spanish and Italian

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
If you are fluent in Spanish or Italian, could you read over the following and let me know if there are errors and how to fix? Each line can only be 40 characters.
Here is the original English version – note that some sentences take multiple lines, but that is only allowed in certain cases, and only the given number of lines is allowed.
Title Information(English)
Header copy (1st line, 40ch) An advanced live music creation system!
Header copy (2nd line, 40ch) Easy and fun! Build song loops, chord
Header copy (3nd line, 40ch) changes, and solo live. Super flexible!
Display genre Music
# of players supplemental explanation (40ch)
One Musician, infinite capabilities.
Supported peripheral equipment
1st line (40ch) Nintendo DSi Stylus, Your creativity,
2nd line(40ch) Your inspiration, Your music, Your way
Commentary wording for release date(40ch)
for enhanced edition!
Commentary wording for price (40ch)
More features and sounds for the price!
Free Space
1 (40ch) Features:
2 (40ch) 12 Track Drum Loop Sequencer
3 (40ch) 8 Track Instrument Note Loop Sequencer
4     (40ch) 100 Drum / Instrument loops per song
5 (40ch) Auto-Key/Scale Recognition and Remapping
6 (40ch) 1000 Step Pattern Mode + Looping
7 (40ch) 166 Instrument Sounds, 122 Drum Sounds
8 (40ch) ADSR & Vibrato Sound Customization
9 (40ch) Live 2D Solo Mode using Stylus
10 (40ch) Easy visual editing scrolling display.
Web Title (40ch) Rhythm Core Alpha home page
Here are the translations the translator was unsure of:
Title Information(Spanish)
Header copy (1st line) Sistema avanzado de creación de música!
Header copy (2nd line) Fácil y divertido! Construir canciónes
Header copy (3nd line) cambiar acordes, solista en vivo!
Display genre Música
# of players supplemental explanation
Un músico, infinitas posibilidades
Supported peripheral equipment 1st line
El lápiz, su creatividad,
Supported peripheral equipment 2nd line
su inspiración, su música a tu manera
Commentary wording for release date
para la edición mejorada!
Commentary wording for price
Más características y sonidos!
Free Space
1 Características:
2 Secuenciador de 12 pistas de batería
3 Secuenciador de 8 pistas de instrumentos
4 100 loops de tamb./instr. por canción
5 Auto-Reconocimiento/Remap tono y escala
6 Modo Patrón con 1000 pasos y Looping
7 Sonidos: 166 instrumentos, 122 tambores
8 Personalización de vibrato y ADSR
9 Modo Solista 2D en vivo con lápiz
10 Pantalla se desplaza – edición facilita
Web Title Rhythm Core Alpha home page
Title Information(Italian)
Header copy (1st line) Avanzato sistema per creare musica live
Header copy (2nd line) Facile e divertente! Costruire canzoni,
Header copy (3nd line) cambi di accordo, e solo dal vivo.
Display genre Musica
# of players supplemental explanation
Un musicista, infinite possibilità
Supported peripheral equipment 1st line
Lo stilo, la tua creatività, la tua
Supported peripheral equipment 2nd line
ispirazione, la tua musica, il tuo modo
Commentary wording for release date
per l’edizione migliore!
Commentary wording for price
Più caratteristiche/ suoni per il prezzo
Free Space
1 Caratteristiche:
2 Contr. di sequenza : 12 tracce batteria
3 Contr. di sequenza : 8 tracce strumento
4 100 loops per canzone
5 Auto-riconoscimento/remap chiave/scala
6 Modalità Motivo con 1000 passi e Looping
7 Suoni: 166 strumenti, 122 tamburi
8 Personalizzazione di vibrato e ADSR
9 Modalità Assolo 2D con stilo dal vivo
10 Scorrimento facilita la modifica
Web Title Rhythm Core Alpha home page
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

Rhythm Core Alpha European version 0.3 has been sent to Nintendo Lotcheck!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Ok, the new submission packet is off to Nintendo of Europe! Many fixes, many corrections. Let’s hope this is it!

Nintendo of Europe wants more revisions

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Nintendo of Europe has returned more bugs and translation errors to us to fix.

At least the turnaround is much quicker than it was for the Americas.

Version 0.2 off to Nintendo Europe Lotcheck!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Ok, all the revisions are done and I’ve sent a new revision packet to Nintendo of Europe. We took a week and did a complete overhaul on every single language. I’m looking forward to a little rest now.

European version update

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I just integrated the new StringDB with the revisions for all languages, which involved a lot of box resizing, etc. I’m still waiting on the manual revisions, which are going quite slowly. It looks like we won’t hit Lotcheck for Monday. I sure hope that Nintendo and all of our European users appreciate the effort that is going into this!

European / Asian version progress…

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Our translator is working on a complete overhaul of the translations for all languages based on the input from Nintendo of Europe. This will take some time, but we are hoping to resubmit to Lotcheck on Monday.
I am pretty much powerless to do anything about that, as I only know English and a bit of Japanese.
Speaking of Japan, after a long delay Nintendo wrote us back and said that they only work with Japanese companies, so we’d better go find ourselves a Japanese partner to work with. We’ve sent out a few inquiries, but have yet to receive a response.