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Added “Starshapes” by Terence James of Here Between You Me to the Music section!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Terence James of Here Between You Me did the lovely demo song “Starshapes” that comes with Rhythm Core Alpha 2. I have put a MP3 version of it here for your listening pleasure:
Starshapes – Terence James / Here Between You Me – Rhythm Core Alpha 2

Audio MP3

New Beats and Loops!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is going to ship with a good selection of beats, loops, and songs for folks to mess with. We have five songs each from Lucky Button Pusher and Timon Marmex, a new song by Here Between You Me’s Terence James, and two songs by Tina Belmont. We have at least 31 music loops you can build songs out of, and about a dozen raw beats in popular styles. Yeah, I know your average portable keyboard has 100 beats, but are you folks really going to miss “Jazz Waltz”, “March”, or “Bossa Nova”?
Actually, totally let me know if there is a beat that you want in there. I might be able to cram a few in before next week…

Today is “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ meetings day…

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

So, today I met Terence James from “Here Between You Me” and his friend in Little Tokyo to set him up as a Rhythm Core Alpha 2 musician. This time, I sat down with him over lunch at Curry House, and went over all of the features and explained how everything works. There did seem to be quite a bit of trouble with screen calibration on the DSlite he brought, so I’m hoping it works better on his other system. He seems really enthusiastic about RCa2, so I’m hoping to hear some great music out of him!
Later tonight, I’m meeting with Jesse Avila to get him footage from our show at Old Town Pub in Pasadena… I just haven’t had time to edit any of it!
Jeni Burr wants the video from Saturday’s Robot Expo too…
I’ve got manual updates from Lucky Button Pusher that need to be integrated too.
Eventually, I might get a chance to look at the code again…