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Rhythm Core Alpha 2 confirmed to exhibit at MAGfest 2016!

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

We will once again be at MAGfest in National Harbor, Maryland this February exhibiting “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″!
For those who don’t know, MAGfest is the Music And Games Festival, a crazy ~20,000 person party celebrating all things games, but especially game music! It is truly an event “by fans, for fans”, and commercially oriented at all, so we are very pleased to be chosen to present at this amazing event.
We had to skip last year because we didn’t register a hotel room in time and it all sold out, but we didn’t make that mistake again this year!
So, all of our east coast US fans, please come out and see us at MAGfest! We’ll be in the indie arcade section of the massive  dealer room / video arcade  / console game room / etc.! We will have some limited edition Rhythm Core Alpha 2 stickers to give away, and will be doing tutorials all day, every day!

Not! In the “Make Room!” at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles this weekend!

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Oh hey! We’re sick, and might not make it to Loscon after all! Our apologies…

Oh, hey! We’ll be in the “Make Room! Make Room!” maker exhibit at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles, California doing demos and stuff this weekend! It is a fun time, so be there!

Rhythm Core Alpha series now available in Russia!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

While we are still working towards a release in Asia, Nintendo has given us a small present in releasing Rhythm Core Alpha and Rhythm Core Alpha 2 ( and many other eShop programs ) in Russia! This is pretty cool, although we never did a Russian translation or anything, so we can only hope they know one of the other five languages it was released in.
Nintendo did a good job remixing our artwork to make nice banners for the Russian version of the site, too. You can check it out here:–790663.html

Vote for us for a “Mission Main Street” grant to fund the cartridge version!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

We have applied for a grant from Chase bank’s “Mission Main Street” grant program. This grant will allow us to fund making the cartridge version of Rhythm Core Alpha 2, open an office in Japan to sell there, and purchase development hardware for Rhythm Core Alpha 3!
We just need 250 votes to be considered, so please vote for us!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 now has a 30 second TV ad!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Here is an amazing and crazy 30 second TV spot for Rhythm Core Alpha 2 put together for us by the amazing and world renown VJ Tim Abad! Featuring the music of Lucky Button Pusher and voiceovers by ME!

New Rhythm Core Alpha 2 demo video!

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

New demo video! Here is a video of my demo recorded from my appearance at the LA County Science Faire Mini Maker Faire in Pasadena, California last March. It is about 13 minutes and runs through core features, including some of the more advanced ones.
Everything you need to know to get started should be in this video!

Video! Timon Marmex at DNA Lounge in San Francisco!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

SoftEgg’s Timon Marmex dropped in for the 8BitSF show in San Francisco last week to show off Rhythm Core Alpha 2 and do a couple of songs. La Vie en Photos caught some of the action on video, which you can check out on their site here!



January = Awesome for Rhythm Core Alpha!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

It looks like more people bought Rhythm Core Alpha 2 and Rhythm Core Alpha in January than even at the launch of Rhythm Core Alpha 2! This means more people are discovering the joy of making their own music thanks to Rhythm Core Alpha 1 & 2 and we think that is pretty awesome!

Certainly, a lot of people got new 3DS and 2DS systems for Christmas, and that helps a lot! But we have also been demoing like crazy at events like Magfest in National Harbor, Maryland, Frequency 3.0 in Los Angeles, California, and even Sparklecon at 23b Shop in Fullerton! We’ve had fliers out at Anime LA in Los Angeles, and even chatted up some folks at NAMM in Anaheim, California.

Our next stop is Rockage at San Jose State University, followed by Timon Marmex performances at Blacklight District Lounge in Long Beach, CA on February 12th, and Five Star Bar in Downtown Los Angeles on February 19th (right around the corner from where Frequency was!) We’ve planned to be at the LA Science Fair Mini Maker Faire again at the end of March and just applied for the original Bay Area Maker Faire in May. There are a lot more events scheduled as well, so it looks to be a busy year!

New review from The Marking Lifestyle!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

I just found this awesome review of Rhythm Core Alpha 2 by The Marking Lifestyle! [LINK]

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 will be at Rockage 3.0 in San Jose, February 7-9!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

We just talked with Eric Fanali from the Rockage event in San Jose and have confirmed that they have a place for us to demo Rhythm Core Alpha 2 and even to sneak in a Timon Marmex performance or two between the bands.

This is very exciting for us! Long ago we did live in the SF bay area for about a year and it always holds a special place in our heart. We know so many awesome chiptune artists up in the bay area and have been honored to share the stage with Slime Girls and Crashfaster as well as many others, so being able to play up there is a big deal for us!

So, San Francisco Bay Area folks be sure to check us out at Rockage 3.0!



Microphone Stand Mount for Nintendo DS!

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Playing live with Rhythm Core Alpha and Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is easy and fun, but having a place to set your DSi or 3DS down during a performance can be tricky sometimes.
Awhile ago we devised a microphone stand for the Nintendo DSi and 3DS that we fabricated ourselves out of metal. Now we have designed a new version to be printed on 3D printers. We’re about to go do a test print and see how it works.
Would you be interested in something like this? Let us know!

Microphone Stand Mount – Bottom View


Microphone Stand Mount – Side View