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Check out Jonocade’s awesome Rhythm Core Alpha 2 cover of Dubmood’s “Mario Airlines”!

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 artist Jonocade has just released a video of his great cover of Dubmood’s “Mario Airlines”, which he premiered by playing live at Freq. Fest. 5 in Los Angeles over the weekend!


Rhythm Core Alpha 2 confirmed to exhibit at MAGfest 2016!

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

We will once again be at MAGfest in National Harbor, Maryland this February exhibiting “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″!
For those who don’t know, MAGfest is the Music And Games Festival, a crazy ~20,000 person party celebrating all things games, but especially game music! It is truly an event “by fans, for fans”, and commercially oriented at all, so we are very pleased to be chosen to present at this amazing event.
We had to skip last year because we didn’t register a hotel room in time and it all sold out, but we didn’t make that mistake again this year!
So, all of our east coast US fans, please come out and see us at MAGfest! We’ll be in the indie arcade section of the massive  dealer room / video arcade  / console game room / etc.! We will have some limited edition Rhythm Core Alpha 2 stickers to give away, and will be doing tutorials all day, every day!

Now able to sell “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ download codes!

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

I am pleased to announce that, at long last, we are finally able to sell “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ Nintendo eShop download codes directly! This means we will finally have something to sell at all of these shows we have been doing!
Special thanks to Alex Palomares and Shamus O’Leary at Nintendo for making this happen!

“Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ supports MAGquest!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

We went to the organizational meeting MAGquest in Santa Clara, California. They are organizing the west coast version of MAGfest, pretty much the largest, most insane music and games party in the world!

I’m not sure how we can help them out, but I told them “You have my axe!” The event they put on was a lot of fun, so I am sure whatever they put together is going to be awesome!

Don’t forget about “Import Block” / “Load Block”!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Just a reminder to folks that you can use “Import Block” (sometimes called “Load Block”) to load a single block (loop) in, and I gave you 92 loops that you can use in your own songs. These aren’t your standard portable keyboard cheeze either, a lot of these came from my own song sketches and experiments. A few I really liked are:

“8-Bit Ecstacy” – My attempt at a very traditional sounding chiptune song with basic square, sawtooth and sine waves, and C64 drum samples. You can mute track 17 (and maybe 19) if you want a plain backing to jam over. It changes key really well! “8-Bit Ecstacy 2″ is a bit more harsh and not as good to my ear…

“Electroclash” – After being reminded of the awesomeness of classic electro by Ladytron’s “Turn it On”, I wanted to make some too!

“Dark Dancer 1,2″ – I wanted to see if I could do something in the vein of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” after hearing Mike Bleeds cover of it at a chiptune show.

“Guiding Raise” – A “Krautrock” one-note jam that reminded me a little of the song “Guiding Ray” by Yamo (and countless other krautrock songs, really.) But then I added a bunch of melody parts that are muted initially.

“Negative Space” – After seeing the “Pants-off-men” video parody for the song “Panzermench” by On One, I really wanted to do something with that kind of a strong industrial bassline.

“Mirror Shades” – Not only is Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” my favorite album of all time, it is also the first record I ever bought with my own money (on cassette, no less). The “organ sound with long decay” you hear in this is directly inspired by that album, even if the rest of the backing is not.

“Never an Angel” – After I wrote this, I realized that it kind of reminded me a little of “Send Me an Angel” by Real Life, which is really great 80′s dance tune. This song also has a solo bit that is initially muted.

“Panic Club” – A dark dance loop with a lot of muted parts you can unmute as you play to build up the song.

“Rock 1 A,B, & C” – Three loops in a kind of “classic rock style” that works really well with the chord changing functions. Layered electric guitar sounds to good effect!

“Trentstep” – I got some great industrial drum sounds by repitching ordinary drum sounds way outside of their normal range and thought it sounded just a little Nine Inch Nails-ish. Then I tried it with the dubstep “wub wub” sounds and it really seemed to work! Hence the name…

“Yoroshiku!” – A big brassy loop that is supposed to sound kind of like you might hear in an anime theme song. Tina keeps saying she is going to finish this song someday…

You can make your own library of loops as well… just save them with “Export Block” / “Save Block”.


Timon Marmex plays Rockage in San Jose, California this Friday at 9pm!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

SoftEgg’s Timon Marmex will be playing live at Rockage in San Jose this Friday at 9pm! Even better, he will be doing demos of Rhythm Core Alpha 2 all weekend long! This is a great chance for all the Northern California folks to not only catch Timon Marmex in action, but also to learn the ins and outs of Rhythm Core Alpha 2!

Event here: 

Magical Song File Converter Girl: Auralie Treblemaker makes MP3s for you!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Happy Holidays to everybody using Rhythm Core Alpha 2 to make great music!
I am pleased to announce that we are giving all of you a present for Christmas!
The #1 most requested feature of Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is to be able to save a MP3 file of your music.
You now have that ability through our website! The web application:
“Magical Song File Converter Girl: Auralie Treblemaker!”
Auralie will magically convert any Rhythm Core Alpha 2 song file into an MP3 format audio file for you!
She is still quite inexperienced, but as her training progresses, she will become even more powerful!
Auralie is but the first of the Treblemakers to make her debut! We are training many more fantastic Treblemakers to make Rhythm Core Alpha 2 even more useful to you! Who know who is waiting in the wings… and what mysterious powers they may possess!
Just tap the “Auralie” button on the left and you can upload your file to Auralie, who will then let you download an MP3 version of your song!

Which of these girls is Auralie Treblemaker, and what gift does she have for Rhythm Core Alpha 2 users this Christmas?

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Not! In the “Make Room!” at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles this weekend!

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Oh hey! We’re sick, and might not make it to Loscon after all! Our apologies…

Oh, hey! We’ll be in the “Make Room! Make Room!” maker exhibit at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles, California doing demos and stuff this weekend! It is a fun time, so be there!

Rhythm Core Alpha series now available in Russia!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

While we are still working towards a release in Asia, Nintendo has given us a small present in releasing Rhythm Core Alpha and Rhythm Core Alpha 2 ( and many other eShop programs ) in Russia! This is pretty cool, although we never did a Russian translation or anything, so we can only hope they know one of the other five languages it was released in.
Nintendo did a good job remixing our artwork to make nice banners for the Russian version of the site, too. You can check it out here:–790663.html

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 events!

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

We are constantly doing events to show everybody the wonder of making your own music with Rhythm Core Alpha 2, and we have a bunch coming up!

We just finished the Inland Empire Mini Maker Faire last weekend… we totally forgot to announce that one here, but there were plenty of folks despite the 102°F temperatures! We showed lots of people how to make their own music with Rhythm Core Alpha 2, explained what you would do if you were a music synthesizer, and even actually sang a song just to show them how it is done!

There were probably lots of awesome other exhibits there, but we were trapped in our booth the whole time, so we couldn’t tell you about them… shoutouts to the folks at “Chiptune in Riverside” who were there in force, and Tom from “Riverside Robotics Society”, who brought us a cup of ice! Much appreciated, Tom! Thanks to all the folks at IEMMF for inviting us and making it all possible… and who was that girl with the blue hair?

This Saturday, October 11th 2014 we will be at the Riverside Robotics Society’s Robot Expo at the Woodcrest Library in Riverside, doing much the same thing, alongside the folks from “Chiptune in Riverside ” who are DJing, as well as non-humans “DevoBot” and “Robot Betty Nine”. The R2D2 builders club will be there and there is a whole “Star Wars” thing going on, so costumes are appreciated! Hopefully there will be a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators…

On December 6th, we will be at the San Diego STEAM Maker Fest at the Del Mar Fairgrounds down San Diego way. This seems to be a more education themed version of the San Diego Mini Maker Faire, which was quite an awesome event! Sponsored by MakerPlace (a commercial hackerspace), 3R’s Robotics, and Rokenbok Education, this show should be huge and awesome!

In January, we are waiting for word back about MAGFest (THE Music and Games Festival) at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, January 23rd-26th. Hopefully we will be exhibiting and/or performing there. This is a mad games and music party for ~14,000+ people, and should be a riot! We have also enquired with other chiptune groups around the east coast, but haven’t heard back yet.

Also in January, Frequency 4 (Now called Freq.Fest 4.0) will be January 30th to February 1st at “The Smell” in Downtown Los Angeles! SoftEgg’s “Timon Marmex” will be performing a full set this time… you’ll get to hear the power of this fully operational battlestation! Tons of awesome chiptune artists from around the world will invade downtown LA for a couple of nights of awesome!

February 6-8, there is Rockage 4.0 chiptune festival in San Jose, California at San Jose State University’s student union. I’m pretty sure we are exhibiting there. Maybe even performing? We are still waiting for word back from them.

So come on out to these exciting events! They will be awesome!