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New Video UP! Screen capture video shows HOW TO DO IT!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I just put up a new video of Rhythm Core Alpha in action! Please check it out in the VIDEO section, as well as on YouTube, Vimeo, and soon on Veoh as well!

This video not only shows off what Rhythm Core Alpha can do, starting from NOTHING and quickly building an entire song, but it also shows how to do it, with lots of captions explaining how to put it all together.

Strangely, this is the first video I’ve been able to put up that is actually a screen capture of the product in action. That is because the screen capture hardware is very expensive, and I did not like the look of video recorded from a camera. So I spent a lot of time coding a way to capture screen playback from a real DSi. It even draws in the stylus and the buttons, so that you can really see what is going on.

Please note that the sparkly graphics in the background are (obviously) not part of the product… I just wanted to fill the space so that it would look good on Nintendo Channel.

Please let me know if you like the video! As always, I’m waiting to hear your music, too!

Nintendo Channel video almost done!

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I just spent the last two days editing the Nintendo Channel video for Rhythm Core Alpha. I ended up using the very first test video because it was the only one with an original song that didn’t need licensing fees. I reconstructed what I did live as much as I could, and recorded extra video to overlay the live video. As soon as the encoding is done, I’ll be uploading it to Nintendo, and to the video page of this site.