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Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ will be released in Europe and Australia on August 15th!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the European version of Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ has passed all Nintendo testing and is due to be released in those territories on August 15th. That includes the UK, all of Europe, and Australia!

We are very excited to finally release in Europe and Australia! We can’t wait to hear what kind of music you can make!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ will be available as a download for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi game systems in the Nintendo eShop or Nintendo DSiWare store. The price in Europe will be 10 euros, or 1000 Nintendo Points.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ is the most full-featured music sequencer / solo instrument available for Nintendo game platforms, designed for creating and playing music live. It includes a traditional drum grid and piano-roll style sequencer, a solo mode with 10 different variations for playing instruments live, a drum screen for playing drums, a mixer screen for controlling levels, and a pattern mode for arranging loops and chord changes to form complete songs.

It contains many synthesis capabilities like ADSR envelopes for volume and pitch, a powerful vibrato/arpeggio feature, and per-track echo.

The buttons can be redefined to change the key and scale of your sequences, and/or jump to different loops or different sections of the pattern (song), a feature that is unique among music software programs on any platform.

There is a full set of editing features for copying notes and beats that is not available in any other Nintendo music tool.

For these reasons, we believe that Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ is the most powerful music program on any game platform, and the most compelling program for the creation of live music.

More Lotcheck headaches…

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

So, Nintendo processed my request to submit a new version for testing, and sent the non-approval notice… with two new text bugs in the manual! Which prompted me to go and make yet another version and upload it! I wish they had sent me all of the text bugs the first time so I could just fix them and get on with it…

Then, Nintendo didn’t like me updating the version number since they didn’t get to test the last version at all, so I had to put the version number back down to 4 and resend it to them. Good thing I stayed at the office!

Lotcheck headaches…

Monday, May 20th, 2013

What a day! I sent an e-mail to Nintendo asking for a few details on what video format to send the video in, but got impatient and sent it as-is. Nintendo’s site required me to download some funky uploader tool, but that wasn’t immediately apparent and so there was some difficulty. Eventually I got it working, but because of the giant file size the think aborted. By then, Nintendo wrote me back with the video format details and I was able to resend the file in the correct format.
Then I got a note from Lotcheck saying that the version I sent them was not the latest version! It turns out that loading the submission data from XML resets to the old file as well! Oops! So I cranked out a new submission packet with the correct stuff (double checked!) and sent that with profuse apologies.
Now I’ve got a splitting headache, but at least I am through with submission worries for a few days, anyway.

Bugs, bugs, bugs…

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Today was intended to be putting the final touches on the Rhythm Core Alpha 2 demo video. Unfortunately, we found a bug that really did need to be fixed. So today was spent debugging and testing, and a new Lotcheck submission was sent. Lotcheck will probably be processed by Monday, which means that we won’t have results until 2 weeks from Monday. C’est la vie.

Sent to Lotcheck Again!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Ok, I just sent off the latest Lotcheck submission to Nintendo. We spent a week pouring over the manuals and game text looking for any errors to the terminology, formatting errors, incorrect quotes… anything! I hope they pass it this time…

Failed Lotcheck Again

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

We failed lotcheck again for some terminology errors in the manual. I wonder why they didn’t complain about them last time? We fixed the terminology errors quickly.

There was also one little thing in pattern recording I wanted to look at. Not a bug, but it seemed odd to me…

Ok, I fixed that up. We could resubmit today, but I think we are going to take a couple of days to check all of the terminology so that we don’t get bounced for this again.

3rd Lotcheck

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Nintendo sent back with just one required revision… they found a crash bug! Fortunately it was an easy one! I fixed a couple of other little display issues while I was in there and have just sent off the third Lotcheck submission! Hopefully this is the last time…

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 has been re-sent to Nintendo Lotcheck…

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

I had to resend the submission package because Nintendo had changed their PGP key and I had used the old one, and because even though E rating says “All Ages” somehow if I click “All Ages” on Nintendo’s form it is wrong even though the form says “E” is 6 and up. Whatever.
So I took the opportunity to clean up a few things in the manuals, and to fix a very small display bug. The callout letters are now properly anti-aliased, and the product code was inserted in the proper place in all the manuals (I forgot about that one!). There was a small chance of the screen being dimmed during a file save that I have now corrected.
Since they didn’t get a chance to evaluate anything, I got to resubmit version 0.0 and so did not have to go to the back of the line again.
Meanwhile, work on the German manuals continues. Page 4 (The Block Screen) tends to go on forever, since that is where most of the action is, but it will be much quicker after that.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 has been sent to Nintendo LotCheck!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

I just sent the first version of “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ (for the Americas) off to Nintendo for Lotcheck testing! This is the last stage before it finally gets released. How long this takes depends how bug-free the software is, and whether Nintendo has any issues with the translations.

Approved for Europe

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

We are now approved for Europe, but are still waiting on a release date. YaY

Marketing Materials for Rhythm Core Alpha’s EU release are GO!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Sent the marketing materials off to Nintendo of Europe. When the product is approved by NCL, we’ll be ready to appear in the European and Australian DSiWare shop!