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Don’t forget about “Import Block” / “Load Block”!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Just a reminder to folks that you can use “Import Block” (sometimes called “Load Block”) to load a single block (loop) in, and I gave you 92 loops that you can use in your own songs. These aren’t your standard portable keyboard cheeze either, a lot of these came from my own song sketches and experiments. A few I really liked are:

“8-Bit Ecstacy” – My attempt at a very traditional sounding chiptune song with basic square, sawtooth and sine waves, and C64 drum samples. You can mute track 17 (and maybe 19) if you want a plain backing to jam over. It changes key really well! “8-Bit Ecstacy 2″ is a bit more harsh and not as good to my ear…

“Electroclash” – After being reminded of the awesomeness of classic electro by Ladytron’s “Turn it On”, I wanted to make some too!

“Dark Dancer 1,2″ – I wanted to see if I could do something in the vein of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” after hearing Mike Bleeds cover of it at a chiptune show.

“Guiding Raise” – A “Krautrock” one-note jam that reminded me a little of the song “Guiding Ray” by Yamo (and countless other krautrock songs, really.) But then I added a bunch of melody parts that are muted initially.

“Negative Space” – After seeing the “Pants-off-men” video parody for the song “Panzermench” by On One, I really wanted to do something with that kind of a strong industrial bassline.

“Mirror Shades” – Not only is Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” my favorite album of all time, it is also the first record I ever bought with my own money (on cassette, no less). The “organ sound with long decay” you hear in this is directly inspired by that album, even if the rest of the backing is not.

“Never an Angel” – After I wrote this, I realized that it kind of reminded me a little of “Send Me an Angel” by Real Life, which is really great 80′s dance tune. This song also has a solo bit that is initially muted.

“Panic Club” – A dark dance loop with a lot of muted parts you can unmute as you play to build up the song.

“Rock 1 A,B, & C” – Three loops in a kind of “classic rock style” that works really well with the chord changing functions. Layered electric guitar sounds to good effect!

“Trentstep” – I got some great industrial drum sounds by repitching ordinary drum sounds way outside of their normal range and thought it sounded just a little Nine Inch Nails-ish. Then I tried it with the dubstep “wub wub” sounds and it really seemed to work! Hence the name…

“Yoroshiku!” – A big brassy loop that is supposed to sound kind of like you might hear in an anime theme song. Tina keeps saying she is going to finish this song someday…

You can make your own library of loops as well… just save them with “Export Block” / “Save Block”.


Pillaging loops for sounds

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

So, we are up to 16 beats, and 74 loops of music for you to make your own songs with, and 13 demo songs. I’m now pillaging the loops and songs for extra sound definitions to add to the library… even without adding extra samples you can make a lot of different sounds just by adjusting the parameters.

More loops!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Distilling the last 3 years of shows with Rhythm Core Alpha 2 into a set of demo loops that you can make your own music with. Some of these are really good, but even then they often need some work to stretch them out into 64 beat patterns with fills and extra muted tracks for customization. Work on these for too long and you start to get a little “loopy”… ;)

Eins zwei drei vier

Monday, February 25th, 2013

The secret to making melodies like Kraftwerk’s “Computer World” album is to take an organ sound and extend the release so that it is more like a ringing bell. You will be able to hear this technique in a few of the example loops in Rhythm Core Alpha 2.

New Beats and Loops!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is going to ship with a good selection of beats, loops, and songs for folks to mess with. We have five songs each from Lucky Button Pusher and Timon Marmex, a new song by Here Between You Me’s Terence James, and two songs by Tina Belmont. We have at least 31 music loops you can build songs out of, and about a dozen raw beats in popular styles. Yeah, I know your average portable keyboard has 100 beats, but are you folks really going to miss “Jazz Waltz”, “March”, or “Bossa Nova”?
Actually, totally let me know if there is a beat that you want in there. I might be able to cram a few in before next week…

Working on Loops and Beats for Rhythm Core Alpha 2!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Just spent the day making a ton of loops and beats for Rhythm Core Alpha 2! The new “Import Block” command lets you build songs out of pre-made loops! Of course, you can still make your own, and you can even use “Export Block” to save them so that you can include them in other songs. There is even a “Merge” option to allow you to import data into an existing block, it will only overwrite where it has new data; it will leave everything else alone.