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The future of Rhythm Core Alpha? (Ramblings)

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Now that Rhythm Core Alpha is selling nicely in the Nintendo DSiWare store, it is time to think about new versions. I’m still waiting on IRS paperwork before I can start the process for the European release, and Asia will be sometime after that (gotta rewrite all the text routines and manuals!)
I have a license to produce a version for the Sony PSP, but I am not prepared to start that until after I have paid for the DSi development with sales of that version. Does anybody have opinions on the health of the PSP platform and online store right now?
I’ve heard (completely unofficially) that they are planning some sort of PSP + Android Phone thing, which would give me the touch screen that I need to make a decent Rhythm Core product on the PSP. I guess we’ll see what happens.
I’m still trying to work on some better demo videos. I will try to fix the tutorial video very soon, and I am planning a new quick demo that answers a lot of the critiques that I’ve heard on the net.
The hard part is getting decent video of the DSi screen. Showing it without the stylus is not good for a tutorial, so I prepared a special version that draws the stylus and buttons in. But I still need a better video out. Nintendo’s video out box is very expensive, and their emulator Ensata doesn’t handle sound at all. Besides, trying to solo with the mouse just isn’t a good idea…