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Life gets in the way…

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Lately, life has put some roadblocks in our way. At the Loscon 39 convention where I was demoing “Rhythm Core Alpha 2″ in the fabulous “Make Room! Make Room!” I got horribly ill and it lasted several days. There was tremendous water and mold damage to the bedroom from plumbing problems that we are still trying to deal with.

Even on the Rhythm Core Alpha side, translations and formatting for the new manual are taking longer than expected simply because the product requires a much more detailed manual. Legal agreements are delayed for lack of a lawyer. Bugs still need to be fixed, sounds need to be made.

But progress slowly happens, and we march toward the inevitable release of Rhythm Core Alpha 2.

Rhythm Core Alpha European release is so close…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Nintendo sent back a very small number of errors with a “Request for Feedback”. So, if I push, I can probably get it out right away. I’ve already fixed their errors, but worry that waiting another week for test will make sure my product is not in the DSi shop on Christmas.
Also, I have some approval for the “Export” feature, but not sure on the “Import”. Chances are pretty good neither will be in the European release, as that would push it back past Christmas. I sure wish I knew about that sooner.