RhythmCoreAlpha.com now working properly again! Thanks Les Barrows!

We just spent many grueling hours banging on out website http://www.RhythmCoreAlpha.com with La Vie En Photos own Les Barrows, trying to determine why it was constantly overloaded and broken. Were we being DDOS’d by Chinese and Russian hackers? Had we been hacked in some terrible way?
Well, those things do happen every day, but they usually don’t cause a problem. No, it was something with URL lookups on Google’s free DNS server taking too long and being done for every single access to our site for some reason. That seemed strange, so we turned it off and things got faster. It took us 5 hours to figure it out though!
So, sorry if the site has been up and down, and if anybody got booted, we didn’t mean it personally! (Except for THAT guy….)
Things should work now!
Now I can go sleep… maybe I could feel well enough to go present at Loscon tomorrow?

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