RhythmCoreAlpha.com now actually working AGAIN! Thanks Dave Baggett!

So, our previous fixes were still leaving us with a lot of brownouts to the point where, although the site was occasionally reachable, we still had frequent brownouts… frequent enough that it was impossible to play on the Minecraft server we run at the same IP.

This time, our great friend Dave Baggett, who makes the lovely e-mail program Inky, and also happens to host all of our servers, he stepped in and did a little detective work and seemed to clear things up. It looks like somebody was trying to DDOS us, sending lots of little packets from many different sources that added up to completely clogging our systems and bringing us down. Banning certain IPs and the top 10 spammy countries seemed to bring us down to a reasonable load.

Which brings us to the question of why somebody was trying to bring us down. Honestly, I have no idea. Was it some disgruntled person who was banned from the Minecraft server? Was it a competing software vendor? A hacker trying to find a mule to hide their spam and other attacks? We have no idea.

In any event, I now know better than to declare victory of any sort, so all I can say is… at the moment, we are back up.

Also, hackers, please stop attacking us! SoftEgg is a peaceful planet!

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