Pizza and Chips 4 Video now up on Vimeo!

SoftEgg gave a demo at the Pizza and Chips 4 chip music concert a few weeks ago. We have finally edited the video of all of the performances and uploaded it to Vimeo!
Artists include Jake Kaufman (aka Virt), WizWars, EvilWezil, and Flying Fortress (IllGill, Nameless, and WMX).
Pizza and Chips 4 Chiptune Concert at Rose City Pizza in Rosemead

Just after WizWars, I give a brief demo of Rhythm Core Alpha where I perform the song Threshold from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. (There was more, but there were technical difficulties, so I had to cut it.)

The event was produced by “The AppleMonkey Productions” ( ), and video by us, of course!

Pizza and Chips 4 Chiptune Music Show with Virt, Wizwars, EvilWezil, and Flying Fortress. from SoftEgg on Vimeo.

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