Nintendo requires changes to artwork… possible release date (for Americas)?

Nintendo sent back errors in the screenshots and videos. I sent in new ones. I was told that the earliest that we can ship in the Americas is the 20th of June, so I have asked for that date. Hopefully nothing will prevent that!

While I was fixing up the video I added proper credit to Lucky Button Pusher with old MTV-style corner credits (I even looked up the font they used!) and added some space sounds to the previously soundless end titles sequence. The space sounds were all made with Rhythm Core Alpha 2, of course!
Just little things, but they took six hours to do… I missed the Nintendo server by five minutes (down for maintenance each day) and now I have to wait till 1 am to do the upload.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 3DS eShop Video

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  1. Joseph says:

    Very excited! If purchased today and more bugs are found, will there be a way to fix. Or does it not work like that.

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