New features mostly done, started on new sound library

I’ve finished most of the new features, save for some debugging and tweaking. Now I am working on the all-new sound library. Does anybody have any favorite sounds they would like me to include?

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  1. I prefer electronic sounds: 8-bit, heavy and resonant basses, characteristic synthesizer leads and pads… There also should be some piano, string and guitar sounds. Quality is most important! In my opinion, it’s better to have a reasonable number of very good samples than a big amount of mid-quality sounds. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. admin says:

    I’ll do what I can. It is difficult to make sounds where bass is the main component and still have it sound ok without headphones / amplification. If you send links to sounds you like, it will help a lot!

  3. I understand what you say! Furthermore I guess that there are some
    (many!?) technical limits at DSiWare and the DSi hardware. Maybe it’s
    anyway the best to use samples which sound good mainly with
    headphones, isn’t it? The DSi speakers are a bit small. Nobody makes
    music with the speakers of a notebook, but uses headphones or
    amplification. It’s a similar situation.

    E. g. check out this to let you inspire:
    You could listen at the website to dozens of more “electro”, “electronica” or “drum and
    bass” (and so on) samples.

    Thank you for releasing the current version of Rhythm Core Alpha! It
    made so much fun to use it for 2 Songs!!!

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