Lotcheck headaches…

What a day! I sent an e-mail to Nintendo asking for a few details on what video format to send the video in, but got impatient and sent it as-is. Nintendo’s site required me to download some funky uploader tool, but that wasn’t immediately apparent and so there was some difficulty. Eventually I got it working, but because of the giant file size the think aborted. By then, Nintendo wrote me back with the video format details and I was able to resend the file in the correct format.
Then I got a note from Lotcheck saying that the version I sent them was not the latest version! It turns out that loading the submission data from XML resets to the old file as well! Oops! So I cranked out a new submission packet with the correct stuff (double checked!) and sent that with profuse apologies.
Now I’ve got a splitting headache, but at least I am through with submission worries for a few days, anyway.

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