June 10th: Timon Marmex plays at 82 Barcade in Downtown LA with Chibitech, Meishi Smile, Space Town Savior, Wizwars, Space Boyfriend, DJ Sysop!

E3 Chiptune Party
SoftEgg’s own Timon Marmex is going to be playing at the Eighty Two Bar / Arcade in Downtown Los Angeles for this awesome E3 Chiptune party (no badge required) on June 10th. The show runs from 6pm to 10:30pm and the incredible lineup includes:

Chibi-Tech (http://chibitech.bandcamp.com/album/moe-moe-kyunstep )

Space Boyfriend (http://spaceboyfriend.bandcamp.com/)

Timon Marmex (http://timon.bandcamp.com/)

Trash80 (http://trash80.com/)

MEISHI SMILE (http://meishismile.bandcamp.com/)

Space Town Savior (http://spacetownsavior.bandcamp.com/)

and DJ SysOp!!!

Drinks, a fantastic collection of top notch classic arcade and pinball games, and a night of truly incredible chiptune music at the fabulous brand new EightyTwo Barcade in Downtown Los Angeles. This is NOT an event to be missed!!!


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