First new feature since EU release…

I just finished coding the first of the new features in the next version of Rhythm Core Alpha ;)

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3 Responses to “First new feature since EU release…”

  1. jlr says:

    Huzza! One down! Going to tell what one???

  2. jlr says:

    Any recent news on the new EU release’s features?!!

  3. admin says:

    The EU / UK / Australian release had the following additional features beyond what is in the Americas version:
    1) Recording live playing into the current track (this means the solo mode and the onscreen keyboard in the block screen).
    2) Recording live key and block changes into the pattern mode.
    3) Much improved editing in the pattern mode! You can now insert and delete steps in the middle of a pattern!
    4) Powerful vibrato feature with multiple waveforms, the ability to set speed and pitch to ridiculous values (if you want), and set different amplitudes depending on whether you are holding the shift buttons or not.

    Essentially, I concentrated on making it much faster to build a song live than it was before. That is the whole point of Rhythm Core Alpha, as a musical instrument, to start with nothing at all and be able to build an intricate song live in front of an audience. I also tried to make it sound better, hence the vibrato. That increases your sound palette so much, allowing you to make any sound thicker, or allowing you to make some really strange sounds if you want to. Put it through a little reverb and it sounds amazing!

    I can’t say too much about the upcoming version yet, but it will complement the existing Rhythm Core Alpha, rather than superceeding it. If things go according to plan, folks who bought the original will be rewarded!

    – Tim –

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