Magical Song File Converter Girl: Auralie Treblemaker makes MP3s for you!

December 24th, 2014

Happy Holidays to everybody using Rhythm Core Alpha 2 to make great music!
I am pleased to announce that we are giving all of you a present for Christmas!
The #1 most requested feature of Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is to be able to save a MP3 file of your music.
You now have that ability through our website! The web application:
“Magical Song File Converter Girl: Auralie Treblemaker!”
Auralie will magically convert any Rhythm Core Alpha 2 song file into an MP3 format audio file for you!
She is still quite inexperienced, but as her training progresses, she will become even more powerful!
Auralie is but the first of the Treblemakers to make her debut! We are training many more fantastic Treblemakers to make Rhythm Core Alpha 2 even more useful to you! Who know who is waiting in the wings… and what mysterious powers they may possess!
Just tap the “Auralie” button on the left and you can upload your file to Auralie, who will then let you download an MP3 version of your song!

Which of these girls is Auralie Treblemaker, and what gift does she have for Rhythm Core Alpha 2 users this Christmas?

December 20th, 2014

Not going to San Diego STEAM Maker Fest due to illness

December 5th, 2014

Hey, I was supposed to be at the San Diego STEAM Maker Fest this Saturday, but with great regret had to cancel because I am still not well enough to drive to San Diego, much less set up a ton of equipment and then spend the day talking to folks.

So, I’m sorry for all the folks who might have expected to see us there and will not, and I apologise to the folks at the SDSMF for having to cancel.

Perhaps we will be able to attend next year! now actually working AGAIN! Thanks Dave Baggett!

December 3rd, 2014

So, our previous fixes were still leaving us with a lot of brownouts to the point where, although the site was occasionally reachable, we still had frequent brownouts… frequent enough that it was impossible to play on the Minecraft server we run at the same IP.

This time, our great friend Dave Baggett, who makes the lovely e-mail program Inky, and also happens to host all of our servers, he stepped in and did a little detective work and seemed to clear things up. It looks like somebody was trying to DDOS us, sending lots of little packets from many different sources that added up to completely clogging our systems and bringing us down. Banning certain IPs and the top 10 spammy countries seemed to bring us down to a reasonable load.

Which brings us to the question of why somebody was trying to bring us down. Honestly, I have no idea. Was it some disgruntled person who was banned from the Minecraft server? Was it a competing software vendor? A hacker trying to find a mule to hide their spam and other attacks? We have no idea.

In any event, I now know better than to declare victory of any sort, so all I can say is… at the moment, we are back up.

Also, hackers, please stop attacking us! SoftEgg is a peaceful planet!

Had to back out of Magfest

December 1st, 2014

It looks like we won’t be attending Magfest this year after all. We only got our approval for the indie arcade space a week ago, and were not able to confirm our travel and lodging situation before all of the hotels close to the convention had sold out, and so it became too expensive to reasonably attend. We’re sorry to all of the folks who expected us to be there… we really wanted to go!
We are still planning to attend other events a little closer to home, including Frequency and Rockage.
We also hope to be at the San Diego STEAM Maker Fest next weekend, assuming that I have gotten over this nasty cold that kept me from presenting at Loscon this past weekend.
Anyway, our best wishes to anybody going to Magfest. Perhaps we could send along some flyers or something… now ACTUALLY working properly! Thanks Chris Cooke!

November 29th, 2014

There were still some snafu’s with this server last night after I sent Les off to sleep, probably due to some changes I had made to the Apache config.  By that time, our old friend and Minecraft server admin Chris Cooke (Chrooke) was awake. I felt really bad for dumping the whole thing on him, but I’m still sick and needed sleep.

Like magical elves in the… day time (?) Chris toiled and got things into shape. New security software was installed. Better logging was enabled. I don’t even know what happened… I was sleeping!

So we are back up, for real this time, and a good thing too!

Unfortunately, having stayed up all night did nothing to help me get over this cold, and so I am afraid I am going to have to cancel our scheduled appearance at Loscon again today.  My apologies to everybody who expected to find us there… I was really looking forward to it.

Hopefully, my condition will have improved by next weekend for our appearance at San Diego STEAM Maker Fest… now working properly again! Thanks Les Barrows!

November 29th, 2014

We just spent many grueling hours banging on out website with La Vie En Photos own Les Barrows, trying to determine why it was constantly overloaded and broken. Were we being DDOS’d by Chinese and Russian hackers? Had we been hacked in some terrible way?
Well, those things do happen every day, but they usually don’t cause a problem. No, it was something with URL lookups on Google’s free DNS server taking too long and being done for every single access to our site for some reason. That seemed strange, so we turned it off and things got faster. It took us 5 hours to figure it out though!
So, sorry if the site has been up and down, and if anybody got booted, we didn’t mean it personally! (Except for THAT guy….)
Things should work now!
Now I can go sleep… maybe I could feel well enough to go present at Loscon tomorrow?

Not! In the “Make Room!” at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles this weekend!

November 28th, 2014

Oh hey! We’re sick, and might not make it to Loscon after all! Our apologies…

Oh, hey! We’ll be in the “Make Room! Make Room!” maker exhibit at Loscon 41 in Los Angeles, California doing demos and stuff this weekend! It is a fun time, so be there!

Rhythm Core Alpha series now available in Russia!

October 25th, 2014

While we are still working towards a release in Asia, Nintendo has given us a small present in releasing Rhythm Core Alpha and Rhythm Core Alpha 2 ( and many other eShop programs ) in Russia! This is pretty cool, although we never did a Russian translation or anything, so we can only hope they know one of the other five languages it was released in.
Nintendo did a good job remixing our artwork to make nice banners for the Russian version of the site, too. You can check it out here:–790663.html

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 events!

October 9th, 2014

We are constantly doing events to show everybody the wonder of making your own music with Rhythm Core Alpha 2, and we have a bunch coming up!

We just finished the Inland Empire Mini Maker Faire last weekend… we totally forgot to announce that one here, but there were plenty of folks despite the 102°F temperatures! We showed lots of people how to make their own music with Rhythm Core Alpha 2, explained what you would do if you were a music synthesizer, and even actually sang a song just to show them how it is done!

There were probably lots of awesome other exhibits there, but we were trapped in our booth the whole time, so we couldn’t tell you about them… shoutouts to the folks at “Chiptune in Riverside” who were there in force, and Tom from “Riverside Robotics Society”, who brought us a cup of ice! Much appreciated, Tom! Thanks to all the folks at IEMMF for inviting us and making it all possible… and who was that girl with the blue hair?

This Saturday, October 11th 2014 we will be at the Riverside Robotics Society’s Robot Expo at the Woodcrest Library in Riverside, doing much the same thing, alongside the folks from “Chiptune in Riverside ” who are DJing, as well as non-humans “DevoBot” and “Robot Betty Nine”. The R2D2 builders club will be there and there is a whole “Star Wars” thing going on, so costumes are appreciated! Hopefully there will be a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators…

On December 6th, we will be at the San Diego STEAM Maker Fest at the Del Mar Fairgrounds down San Diego way. This seems to be a more education themed version of the San Diego Mini Maker Faire, which was quite an awesome event! Sponsored by MakerPlace (a commercial hackerspace), 3R’s Robotics, and Rokenbok Education, this show should be huge and awesome!

In January, we are waiting for word back about MAGFest (THE Music and Games Festival) at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, January 23rd-26th. Hopefully we will be exhibiting and/or performing there. This is a mad games and music party for ~14,000+ people, and should be a riot! We have also enquired with other chiptune groups around the east coast, but haven’t heard back yet.

Also in January, Frequency 4 (Now called Freq.Fest 4.0) will be January 30th to February 1st at “The Smell” in Downtown Los Angeles! SoftEgg’s “Timon Marmex” will be performing a full set this time… you’ll get to hear the power of this fully operational battlestation! Tons of awesome chiptune artists from around the world will invade downtown LA for a couple of nights of awesome!

February 6-8, there is Rockage 4.0 chiptune festival in San Jose, California at San Jose State University’s student union. I’m pretty sure we are exhibiting there. Maybe even performing? We are still waiting for word back from them.

So come on out to these exciting events! They will be awesome!

Vote for us for a “Mission Main Street” grant to fund the cartridge version!

September 18th, 2014

We have applied for a grant from Chase bank’s “Mission Main Street” grant program. This grant will allow us to fund making the cartridge version of Rhythm Core Alpha 2, open an office in Japan to sell there, and purchase development hardware for Rhythm Core Alpha 3!
We just need 250 votes to be considered, so please vote for us!